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MFC Česká korouhev


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Team info

Pikarts are a sports team of medieval full-contact combat, operating under the auspices of the HMB club Česká korouhev. ​We derive our colors, symbols and name from a group of domestic sectarian religious fanatics of the middle and end of the 15th century, who interpreted the faith "in their own way" and committed various atrocities, when "...they murdered and they committed fornication during the day, they went to the border for fun...". There were many Picartic sects and sects, among the most famous were the Adamites. "They committed adultery, murdered and walked around naked" - the chronicles say. In 1421, Jan Žižka couldn't put up with it any longer (even though he was already blind) and took the Pikarts from Tábor into battle and killed them mercilessly on the island near Nežárka. After suppressing the followers of the sect during 15th century the word "pikart" took on a derogatory meaning, essentially becoming a synonym for "heretics". They were referred to as such not only utraquist (whether moderate or radical), but often even Catholics (by the Utraquists). You can learn more about Pikarts and their history on a special page dedicated to that, see. History of the Pikarts.

Members of the team

Team Captain

Pavel Krejčí

Dennis Rendl
Petr Mark
Václav Polma
Michal Gašparík
Petr Mark Jr.
Jakub Kamas
Jakub Kocourek
Martin Vašák
Dominik Morgenstern
Jakub Pazdera
Zdeněk Martínek
Jan Kalaš
Dávid Olexa
Petr Najman
Ondřej Palouš
Dominik Šebela


Tuesdays: Power&Strength

Time: 18:00/6pm

Where: Fitness Maximus, Prague

What: Weight lifting, Circle tr., Boxing

Conditions: inside, gym


Thursdays: Endurance&Techniqes

Time: 18:00/6pm

Where: Prague Central Camp

What: Balding, Running, Stretching, Hiit, Fencing, Wrestling, Tires, Aerobics

Conditions: outside, any weather


Fridays: Wrestling&Mobility

Time: 18:00/6pm

Where: Brandýs nad Labem, Nursery

What: Wrestling, Judo, Steps&Stances

Conditions: inside, gym


Saturdays: Full Contact Trainings

Time: 11:00/11am

Where: Libušín Fortress,

What: Buhurt&Profight

Conditions: outside, any weather

(Only in case if there is no Tournament, PROMO, Gala Night Fights or Reenactment event)

Training days and time

Tuesday|Thursday 18:00/6pm

do i need softkit/armor?

No gear required

Training location:

Nad Ohradou 2667/17, Žižkov, 130 00 Praha-Praha 3, Czechia

Is our training open to join:

Yes (fixed dates)

Tournaments joined

No tournaments joined yet

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