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What do we do?

If you've ever wondered who is responsible for keeping any Medieval Combat competition safe and fair, look no further than the Marshals. These brave and respected individuals are the ultimate authority in the list, ensuring that the rules and regulations are followed, the fighters are properly equipped, and everyone stays safe. Marshals wear distinctive mustard yellow uniforms and stand out as the unsung heroes of the Medieval Combat community. Being a Marshal requires the ability to remain calm under pressure, make quick decisions, and communicate effectively with fighters and organizers alike.



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We want you !

Becoming a Marshal is a fantastic way to get involved in Armoured Combat without engaging in physical combat. It allows you to gain a deep understanding of the rules and regulations, contribute to the sport's growth and development, and build relationships with fighters and organizers alike. Marshals are highly respected by all fighters for their courage and commitment to the sport. So why not start your journey towards becoming a Marshal today? With dedication and hard work, you could be an essential part of Armoured Combat and ensure the safety and fairness of every competition

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