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Our mission

We are an interim organization overseeing the continuity of the sport at club level. Our goals are,

  • to create a non-profit, legal entity from which a permanent governing body can take over when it has been democratically elected in due course.

  • To ensure dysfunctional practices of the past which hinder the progress of the sport are not inherited.

  • To open up dialogues with the community about all matters to make the sport open, accessible, fair, practical, and safe for present and future participants.

  • To ensure the implementation of best practices which are in the interests of the community as a whole

  • to keep the league moving forward with tournaments and official scoring during this interim period of transition.

Who we are

We are a group of volunteers from all around the world, dedicated to securing the future of this sport. We are fighters, marshals, trainers, tournament organisers, support, ex-officials, authenticity officers, commentators, field technicians, brothers, and sisters; what qualifies us for this task is simply our determination to bring the sport forward. We value being approachable, and we want to hear from you - your collective feedback is how we build the future, so let us know what you would like to see happen to make our sport as good as it can be for everyone involved.

Thank you 
The Medieval Things 

I do want to give you a special thank you, Without you providing all the photos and Media. Our website would not look like it does.  So again thank you, and we would like to ask every one to follow him on his social media. (linked below)

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