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world cup results: Buhurt

We would like to present you the long awaited results from the championship held during Bitva Libušín in April in Czech Republic!

buhurt men's 5v5

  1. Dominus

  2. white company

  3. prague trolls

buhurt women's 5v5

  1. swords of cygnus

  2. dallas mythics

  3. korventenn an ermin

buhurt men's 12v12

  1. france

  2. usa

  3. uk

buhurt women's 12v12

  1. uk

  2. france/czech republic/germany

  3. usa/germany/australia

buhurt men's 30v30

  1. france/the netherlands/switzerland

  2. uk/israel/italy/norway

  3. czech republic/poland

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