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The President's annoucement

Dear All,

Just a couple weeks ago Buhurt International had it’s first AGM assembly.

Unfortunately(for me ;)), I have been voted in to be the First President of the organisation.

If you hadn't noticed we have been actively engaging the community on opinions of policy, rules and regulations that are new and those we inherited from the Buhurt League.

First and foremost there will be some major changes from how it was before. We will be asking your National Orgs to get your opinions and/or to vote on policy updates and changes and put them in place.

All board positions will be elected by the National Orgs (at present around 26 countries are signed up). All committee positions will be or have been elected by their members and then confirmed by the Board. Committees (along with the brand new ones to the system) are being developed and for the 2024 season have assigned committee heads. But for 2025 and the future these will be elected by the community and then confirmed by the Board.

With that being said, Barney already announced the Board positions. So on to the Committees:

Marshal Committee - Stephen Slater

Authenticity Committee - Xavier Depeyre

(New) Tournament Committee - Laurence Lagnese (the secretaries and such)

(New) Judiciary Committee - Federico Herrera de Prado and Danny George (reviews violations of our policies/rules/regulations)

(New) Media - Aleksandra Lebdowicz

What’s coming next:

Duels Tournament Season - with updates to the formats and clarifications on procedures

Buhurt Tournament Season - with updates and clarifications in the rules and maybe expanding on some materials allowed for use

Outrance/Profight Tournament Season - we will be experimenting with a system of scoring that fits other similar sports along with maintaining a familiar format

Youth Training Curriculum - for giving various schools and organizations a recognized system and procedures to follow

And so much more especially all the fancy new ways the website works and will be working!

Most importantly: What can I/We do for you? Let us know! Use the website. Use the Facebook page. Speak to your National Orgs!

What I ask of you? Engage with the community. Engage with each other. We have a forum for communication and it shockingly actually works! Facebook for the business of the sport…. Will actually be left behind….(of course it will remain for marketing along with all the other social media entities out there)

And one of the hardest things about all this. Once our Paid membership system goes live for 2024 season please get signed up with your National Orgs and get signed up with us. At present various Board members are paying for a lot of this out of their own pockets.

If you want to volunteer your time and skills let us know and we will see if those skills can be put to good use. We have so many projects in process right now, it is highly likely your skills may be needed. If not now maybe in the not too distant future as other projects appear and develop constantly.

Thank you ALL for putting your confidence and commitment into this venture and I can't wait to see what we will build Together.

Thank You

Laurence Lagnese

President, Buhurt International

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