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German Adventure By Invicta

During the Last weekend there happened a medieval tournament in Germany 'Ritter Recken Heldenspiele' in the city Tambach-Dietharz. Although it wasn't an official BI tournament It's certainly worth mentioning.

The podium was: 🥇 Invicta 🥈 Iron Wolves 🥉 Ferox

We would like to present you the experience written by Invicta Captain Rowland Longley!

"the trip was long but it was worth it. It was nice to have a relaxing start with fighting starting at 13:00. There were 10 teams present at this very welcoming and fully medieval event. Lots of living history areas and traders. We were informed straight away that all the beer we wanted was free. I’m sure they wanted to sabotage the team with that information.

I had to keep the guys on a close leash.

The fighting area was nice and we had space right next to the list where we put up our awning. The fighting went well and although we were winning against the locals we could make out enough Germany to tell they were praising us for our fighting. We were lucky enough to come first on the day and received huge admiration from the other competitors and support staff. They were saddened to know we couldn’t make way of honour.

After the fighting the organisers explained we could go eat all the meat we could eat and drink as much beer as we liked. I’m not a big fan of beer but it was good. We had our ceremony at the main stage and the win was topped off with a trophy and some medieval merch.

Before the day we said never again due to the drive. however, by the end of the tournament most of my guys were asking, “should we come back next year”. All in all a really nice tournament. Thank you to all the organisers!"

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