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Fragarach Armoured Combat and the Irish Buhurt Scene

Based near the heart of Dublin in a place called Stoneybatter, Fragarach Armoured Combat holds weekly training sessions on Sunday mornings at 10am in Aughrim Street Scout Hall.

Over the last two years the club called Fragarach (named after a mythical Irish sword) has gone from strength to strength. Initially in the post pandemic period members began training in local parks with two people per training, a world away from weekly trainings which now see a regular attendance of over ten people per session. The team has a mix of seasoned fighters with international experience along with fighters who are only getting started on their journey in the sport. Fragarach aims to help its fighters reach their full potential in the sport and have a good time doing it! Fragarach as a team is best summed up by our attitude and sense of humour. Fragarach fighters, due to the majority being a bit green, tend to rush headlong into the fight with no sense of self preservation. The enthusiasm of our fighters is slowly being forged into skill and the club is beginning to produce competent and battle hardened tacticians of the list. If you come up against us expect a small bit of friendly trash talk in your ear as we grapple and if you hear the word hamsterbaskets being shouted in a fight (yes that’s correct hamsterbaskets) then, most definitely, Fragarach are on the field (the comedic battle cry has something to do with place name near a Heritage Cup in the UK years ago).

The buhurt scene in Ireland has evolved a lot in recent years, only a short time ago Ireland did not have the numbers of fighters to field individual club teams and fought at club level under the name of our national governing body Medieval Armoured Combat Ireland (MACI). MACI have helped grow the club structure in Ireland and continue to foster club growth and skill development through regular national training and inter club competitions which help give new fighters an experience of competitive buhurt. The buhurt scene in Ireland has benefited from a friendly interclub rivalry which provides plenty of banter before, after and during training. There are currently three buhurt clubs in Ireland, Fragarach Armoured Combat based in Dublin, 1316 Medieval Fight Club (1316 MFC) based out of Athenry in Galway and The Knights of Munster based out of Cork, no matter where you are in Ireland there is a buhurt club for you. On the international side Medieval Armoured Combat Ireland, our national team, is led by our experienced Captain Kyle de Souza-wearen. For over a decade Medieval Armoured Combat Ireland has hosted its annual tournament the Claregalway Castle Shield in County Galway on the beautiful grounds of Claregalway Castle. The tournament has been held in early September over a weekend and has been the highlight of Ireland’s competitive scene.

Fragarach Armoured Combat


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