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Fierce Louise and her profight journey!

Meet Louise Hullin from the French club Angoulême Béhourd in the south west of France!

Our male branch is Tallàe Fer and our womens' team is called Tenebris Bestia. I did a bit of soft kit in 2019 but because of covid I officially started armoured fighting in May 2022. I am a melee fighter purist and never had any interest in duelling until the SAEA beckoned me into their profight gala in Caen, June 10th. They have always been keen on pushing for womens’ buhurt and were looking for any girl willing to fight for the national belt debut!

I was hesitant at first.

With no experience and no inclination to 1v1 fighting (I tried boxing before and hated it), it felt like a challenging perspective. However, as there were literally no other woman profighting in France at that time I felt like it was my responsibility to at least try to start something : as I’m always advocating for more women to come into this sport, why not pick up the gear and do it myself ? I rolled up my sleeves, accepted the challenge and adapted my training. Switching from being a heavy and slow grappler to a fast-paced striker has been a harrowing cardio journey but I am glad of all the new things it has brought into my overall buhurt practice !

Women have been present in duelling combat sports such as boxing or MMA for some time now. We just need to show them they can do it in armour as well.

My secret plan is once they have the armour and fighting experience down, we can lure them into the melees and just brawl all together.

I’ve had an incredible year. For my profight debut I had the immense pleasure to fight now retired Gabrielle MARIE. She was the first buhurt fighter I ever met back in 2019 and she gave me the perspective and confidence to start the sport myself. I hope I can now continue the tradition, and some girl will eventually train enough profight to come over and beat me for the french title. That day, I will know my work is done and I will happily hand over the championship belt : it will be a victory for both of us.…

And of course I’ll fight her right back for it!

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