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Buhurt International World Championship 2025

The Bidding Process.

In 2025, the Buhurt International World Championships aim to kickstart a new future in the sport of medieval armoured combat. Since the formation of Buhurt International (herein BI), we have seen a significant amount of support from member organisations as well as several interested parties in joining and supporting the growth of the organisation. As a new, transparent organisation, we want to ensure an open and fair process to determine which member country and organisation will host the World Championship. As such, we have established a bidding process with a focus on key indispensable elements listed below.

  • Transparency – The process for selecting the winning bid will be voted on by all member organisations.

  • Objectivity – The evaluation of bids will be purely on context and content of the submission and will be unbiased.

  • Aspiration – The drive and ability of the selected host to work with BI on delivering an event from the community, for the community.

  • Commitment – To respecting every participant’s rights, towards sustainability and to a cohesive community environment.

  • Fair and Equal Participation – To safeguard fair and equal participation for all as per BI’s policies and procedures.

Evaluation Process.

Each submitted proposal bid will be reviewed and evaluated in 3 ways:

  1. Technical – Location, Venue, Features, Transport, Logistics

  2. Compliance – Hosting Requirements, BI membership, Municipality Co-operation

  3. Risk – Location, Travel, Visas, Medical

All three of these aspects will be reviewed and evaluated by the BI board of directors. Upon completion of the evaluation process, a qualitative and objective analysis of each bid will be compiled and circulated for the national organisations to review.

To ensure parity, the following list of information must be included in every proposal bid to enable the analysis to be carried out in a fair and equitable manner.

National organisation:

Venue information:

Special features of the venue:

Dates proposed (list more than one):

Standalone event or part of wider festival:

Closest major airport & travel connections:

Distance to nearest medical facilities:

Sponsorships & funding available for event:

Sponsorships & funding available for event staff:

Visa status required for member countries:

Number of hotels/rental property in local area:

Camping available-rental tents available:

Distance from venue to closest amenities (grocery, ATM):

Bid proposals will be evaluated in line with the following metric of weighting:

Technical (50%)

Compliance (20%)

Risk (30%)

The Submission Process. All proposals must be submitted in writing, with any supporting literature to the Buhurt International President no later than 31st March 2024.

The Timeline.

Once the bid proposal process has closed, Buhurt International will review all bids and carry out the analysis as detailed. We anticipate this to take up to 6 months to review. Once completed, there will be a 2 week review for national organisations to vote on the proposals.

The intent is then to provide the winning hosts/organisation 8 months to one year notice for location of event.

Hoping to get many great proposals!!! P.S.

We are unable to organise the championships in 2024 due to not enough time for such a huge project as we want to host a high level and solidly organised event.

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