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Buhurt International Official Board

Hello Buhurt International community!

The first BI AGM has just concluded. Many points were brought up and discussed and voting is wrapping up as we speak and very soon we will be presenting the results to you. However, the immediate results I have for you today is that of the election of the Board of Directors.

A few individuals, including myself, are standing down from our roles. However, we are privileged that we had many passionate people put forward for consideration. To that end, I would like to present to you the new BI BoD:

President: Laurence Lagnese

Vice President: Stephen Slater

Treasurer: Danny George

Secretary: Dusty Franken

General Director: Ola Lebdowicz

General Director: Xavier Depeyre

General Director: Federico Herrera de Prado

I have great trust that these individuals will take on the task ahead of them and perform to the highest standard.

For myself, I look forward to refocusing on fighting and coaching. I look forward to seeing you all at tournaments, and in the training halls.

See you in the list


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