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Becoming the captain of Prague Trolls

Dominik Sladovník of the Czech team Prague Trolls was asked about his new role in the team. After many years of ruling by Jan Burgerstein now it's time for Dominik!


My captaincy ambitions were never very big but I was very pleased with the Trolls' offer to be their captain, I've been a humble fighter since I was young, I started going with a bunch of friends to soft LARP battles and I enjoyed running around the forest with a sword and enjoyed the time spent together. When I was older I think around the age of 15, I discovered an American football team in our town and I started to really enjoy the contact sport. Then in 2019, when I discovered what buhurt is, I visited the Prague Falchion tournament held in Prague and watching this event made me want to try this sport. After a few visits to the club (SKSKB PRAHA), I somehow knew in my heart that this sport was exactly for me - it included contact fighting and fencing, which I enjoy incredibly and I try to improve every day.

I try to take a very responsible approach to my task and I am very pleased to watch the common progress of our team.

My journey to becoming a captain? Hard work, conscientious preparation and the necessary passion for this sport, my brothers probably chose me for a youthful outlook and some new blood for their brotherhood. It's a huge honor to fight alongside such great fighters and I love the guys so much!

How do I really feel? It's a new experience for me and it's quite crazy at times! I've never captained any sports team before so it's a big responsibility for me and I try to understand my brothers and motivate others with my passion for the cause and constantly to move forward mentally, energetically and strategically towards new goals and victories.

This passed year for the Trolls was so different, we had a lot of injured and sick members, so we had to change the team composition many times, but still we took 3rd place at the World Cup in Libušín! Next year 2024 is a new challenge for us and we will try to regain the former troll glory in the world. It will not be an easy task, but we are gradually working on it and I believe that the new year will provide us with appropriate new impulses and brothers in arms.


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