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A tale about two souls - KSR in love

Once upon a time... during Ogrodzieniec early medieval event, there were two passionate souls, Anna and Aleksander. Fate, it seemed, had destined their paths to intertwine.

Anna was a whirlwind of energy and passion. While other girls dreamed of courtly romances and elegant gowns, Anna yearned for something more daring—a life filled with adventure and the thrill of the battlefield.

Alex was a spirited young man with a fiery passion for medieval history. He possessed a keen intellect and a skillful hand with a sword, making him a formidable presence on the battlefield.

After weeks of laughter, and moments of quiet understanding, on June 16th 2018, Anna and Alex found themselves standing at the threshold of a new chapter in their relationship. The bond they had forged had deepened into something more profound — a love that transcended the clang of swords and the roar of battle.

With patience and skill, Alex guided Anna through the basic techniques, showing her the proper stance, the fluid motion of the blade, and the importance of balance and footwork. Anna approached each lesson with a fierce determination, her eyes alight with the fire of ambition. As the days turned into weeks and the weeks into months, Anna's skills began to blossom under Alex's tutelage. With each passing lesson, she grew stronger and more confident, her movements becoming fluid and graceful as she absorbed the wisdom of her mentor.

A year has passed when Anna joined the Polish female buhurt team for the Battle of the Nations in Serbia. For her, this was more than just a competition; it was a chance to fulfill a lifelong dream and prove herself on the world stage. The Team had won 4th place that time.

Not long after the tournament, the Polish team members had parted ways and Anna decided to join the Czech female team to continue her journey. One of the team’s biggest accomplishments were 4th place at the World Cup in Libušín and 2nd place at Way of Honor 2023.

Continuing the love story… Five years had passed since Anna and Alex had first met.

On a bright autumn morning, exactly September 16th 2023, Anna and Alex stood hand in hand before their family and friends, ready to embark on the greatest adventure of their lives. With vows exchanged and promises made, Anna and Alex sealed their union with a tender kiss…

and lived happily ever after.

Love story of Anna and Aleksander Blausz from KS Rycerz

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