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Roberto Kato Acosta


I have been a Marshal for 8 years. I was the first certified in South America and from there I worked to build a quality team with the rest of the countries. Passionate about my work, sharing this passion with my brothers from other countries. Today I have the responsibility as Head Marshal of South America. Let it be Buhurt!

South America

Conference (deputy) head

Past events

IMCF South America 2017 - Arg

BoTN 2017-2019 (Spain - Italy - Serbia)

Master SouthAmerica 2018-19 - Arg

Master Western Europe 2019 (Kening Strid - Holland)

Fresno USA - 2018

Santiago Cile 2018

Aguas Calientes Mexico - 2019

Sao Pablo Brasil - 2019

Argentina >25 National Tournament

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