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LIVLAND has a long story.


First, the "Battle of the Nations - Team Latvia" was founded in 2012 by Vladimir Maksimenko ( Enon Hartmann ) - captain of the national team and founder of "Medieval Combat School Leonid" which has been successfully working since 2014 to nowadays.


These divisions of the combat wing of the reenactment led its activities under the banner of the club "Komturia Riga".

The number of fights and tournaments that were taken by knights of the Komturia Riga is huge.


Among the major events that are remarkable for the world history of HMB, the team Latvia has participated in five Battles Of The Nations and has been able to achieve significant results, as we have got into Silver League, taking 16th position in the world's rate in 2019.


After dramatic events, that started with a pandemic, our club required changes in operation and new ways of activities.

So, the "LIVLAND" project was launched in 2021 by Leonid Feigus ( Leonid fon Rhino).

After the successful ways of LIVLAND, HMB teammates decided to continue participating in tournaments under the banner of "LIVLAND" and, this name became a new brand of the team and the new name for the club, which took the heritage of great history written by Komturia Riga, and opened new horizons for the future development of the organization.


The roster of LIVLAND is the core of the national team of Latvia in historical medieval fights, that united fighters from several HMB clubs, however, it is at the same time an individual division with its own principles of creation and matters of activity.


LIVLAND charges forward, following the principle of ultimate clash until the last-man-standing with no mercy to ourselves as to anyone fighting back.


We are training regularly.

We are working on our tactics.

And we are ready for battles!

Members of the team

Team Captain


Leonid Feigus
Kārlis Ūsiņš
Maksims Sirotkins
Stanislavs Simutis
Mihails Birjukovs
Arthur Mezetski


A basic sports suit is enough to join our training.

You are always welcome in the citadel of medieval ultra-violence located in Riga!



Call +37128857550 (Rhino) to get more information.


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