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A message from Sam!

Samuel Wride, currently of the Australian team Kraken, was asked about his impressions after competing in an international event for the first time and what are his plans for the next season!

It was amazing to finally compete in an international tournament (World Cup in Libusin) after 5 years of “playing buhurt” in Australia. It was so incredible to see such amazing fighters and teams working together! One of the greatest moments for me definitely was fighting in the 30 vs 30 with the Yanks!

Also meeting my idol/nemesis The French Ninja (Adrien). Hopefully one day we will get to go head to head again!

Next years goal, is to get back into profighting as I had to take this year off due to a shoulder injury. Hopefully winning back my middle weight title! I would also love to get invited to fight in the PWR league. My next tournament will be Carolina Carnage in February 2024!

Stay Deadly!!

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