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Giulio Castruccio

Started my medieval journey in 2012 in the local swordfighting team Gens Innominabilis based in Castel Arquato in the province of Piacenza in Italy, after some years of training for the 1vs1 longsword, i've discovered buhurt and like it a lot, at the time there where only few teams and all distant from me, i choose team Iron Tower based mostly in Tuscany and done several tournaments with team nationals and internationals, meanwhile i took my degree as HMBIA Marshal in 2016 at the summit held in Riga (Latvia) and start to Judge, as Fighter and Marshal i've attended several tuornament across Europe, most importants ones : Dynamo cup (2 times as fighter, 1 as Marshal), Buhurt Prime (2 times as Marshal), Kening Striid (2 times as fighter and 1 as Marshal), Torneo Delle Alpi (can't remember how many times with wich Tabards).

Love the community and the spirit of Camaraderie.



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