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Artur Patalas - The Shark

My name is Artur Patalas. I have represented Poland in full-contact medieval

battles for the past eleven years. I have gone head to head against the best fighters in

the world in the Buhurt League, PLWR, HMBIA and IMCF federation. I have fought

thousands of battles in sixteen countries. Since 2017, I’ve captained and been a selector

for the Polish National Team in the most prestigious category: 5vs5. Since 2015, I’ve led

and trained KSR (Sport Club Knight, previously ŁAN: Lodz Academy of fighting) which

finished in seventh and eighth place in total buhurt league ranking in two consecutive

years. As a Master of Dietetics and sport manager, I support my team and industry in

nutrition, training and in the area of self-development. My goal is to constantly boost

players’, fans’ and reenactors’ knowledge and skills in this discipline.


Buhurt, Pro-Fight

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